Zetly: Revolutionizing the world of sport with technology


Zetly is an innovative company that aims to revolutionize the world of sport by integrating the latest blockchain technologies. By creating a cohesive digital ecosystem for sport, Zetly opens up new opportunities for sports organizations, federations and individual athletes.

Shaping the future of sport through technology

Zetly’s vision is focused on creating a valuable space for athletes, sports clubs and federations through strategic partnerships, technological innovation and educational activities. Our mission is to continually develop an ecosystem that supports the development of sport at every level, offering a clear path to success in the rapidly changing world of sport and technology.

Zetly is committed to transparency, security and growth, which is key to building sustainable and effective relationships with investors and partners. Our roadmap includes the introduction of a number of innovative tools, such as a mobile platform for creating and trading NFTs, a sports academy to support the development of digital skills and global educational webinars to raise awareness and competence around blockchain technology in sport.

Through these activities, Zetly is not only aiming to transform the way athletes and sports organizations manage their resources, but is also shaping the future of sport by adapting it to the needs of the modern digital world.

Developing Zetly initiatives

  • Zetly Academy and Sports Marketing Agency: Zetly supports its partners in the web3 space by providing the essential tools and knowledge needed to effectively harness new technologies in the sports industry.
  • Global YouTube Series with Transmira: A series of video podcasts featuring world-class guests, aimed at educating and promoting Digital Twin technology in sports.
  • Education and Knowledge: In collaboration with the Johan Cruyff Institute, Zetly organizes global webinars on web3 in sports, reaching thousands of sports club managers and industry leaders.
  • Training Programs for Partners: A special training program has been developed to provide documentation and tools to help partners effectively use the Zetly platform.
  • Security and Legal Compliance: The smart contract token has been thoroughly audited and received a positive legal opinion.
  • Token Listing: Zetly plans to list the ZET Token in September, following the pre-sale that starts in June.                  
  • Partnerships: The first NFT collections, in collaboration with the Polish Olympic Committee, Polish Basketball Federation, and Polish Basketball League, are plan to be launched in Q4 2024 alongside the platform MVP.
  • Innovative Sports Quizzes: Zetly introduces a new Quiz Module, a unique mix of knowledge, fun, and technology, engaging fans in live multiplayer games with ZET tokens playing a key role in transactions and rewards.
  • Further Development: Starting in October, Zetly will focus on further developing and commercializing its tools, enhancing its offerings and value for partners.

Short interview with Michal Glijer and Rafal Gelner, Founders of Zetly.

You are planning to launch the MVP of your platform in the fourth quarter of this year. Can you reveal what functionality this first version of the app will include?

Rafal Gelner: Our MVP will focus on creating a solid foundation  for a multi functional ecosystem that will enable individual athletes and sports organizations to create NFT products and publish them in fan store for fans to acquire. In short MVP will include: NFT Creator, NFT Fan Store, Wallet and Zetly Connect. We want everyone to be able to easily manage their digital assets and benefit from the new opportunities that blockchain technology offers.

What are your plans for sports partnerships in the near future?

MIchal Glijer In addition to our partnerships with the Polish Olympic Committee and the Polish Basketball Leagues, we are in advanced discussions about new partnerships that will allow us to strengthen our position in the market. These partnerships are key to ensuring that our platform has a real impact on the sports ecosystem.

What benefits will your partnerships with basketball leagues and other sports organizations bring?

Michal Glijer These partnerships are fundamental to our growth strategy. They enable us to offer our users unique products and services that will have a direct impact on the way people engage with sport. Working with these organizations also allows us to continuously build and grow the market.

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Our vision is to create a digital ecosystem of synergies.
Our vision is to create a digital ecosystem of synergies.
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Copyright © 2021, Zetly OU - All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners.
Copyright © 2021, Zetly OU - All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners.