The World Football Summit


The World Football Summit is the biggest event in the football industry. It came to Africa for the first time. Our company was represented at this conference by COE Zetly Michał Glijer. The event was opened by Ms. Nomusa Dube-Ncube, Prime Minister of KwaZulu-Natal. In an extremely heartfelt speech, she said that the provincial government will use WFS to open eyes and minds to think not only about the unmatched passion for football, but as a catalyst for tourism and socio-economic development of this region. Our CEO was invited to a panel devoted to the use of digital technologies in sport, and more specifically the use of WEB3 solutions. The panel was also attended by Jason Anderson, CEO at Inqak and Tim Mangnall CEO and Founder of Capital Block. It was one of the most exciting conversations during WFS. It addressed issues such as the use of NFT in football, the implementation of club tokens or metaverse perspectives for sports clubs.

“I have been following the World Football Summit for a long time when, together with our team, we started activities aimed at acquiring Sports Partners for our platform. First, we visited the WFS in Sevilla, where we had many interesting conversations. The organization of that meeting exceeded our expectations. This convinced me that it is worth following the flow and appearing at the next edition, this time in Africa. Why? Because Africa, as the largest continent in the world, has great potential when it comes to sports and web3 and is practically a virgin market. This is a great opportunity for Zetly because we can share here not only our knowledge in this area, but also our approach to building an ecosystem around new digital technologies. I was very pleased that the people managing the organization of this event invited me to be one of the panelists of this event. For me personally, it was a great distinction and at the same time an opportunity to establish very valuable contacts in the world of football. I went to this event with a very positive attitude and I was not disappointed” — said Michał Glijer, CEO of Zetly.

There is no doubt that African football has great potential. This is shown by the number of players playing in European clubs. This is also shown by the results of African teams, such as Morocco, at the current World Cup in Qatar. African fans are very involved in the life of their clubs. Many of these clubs have several million followers. These facts confirm our belief that this is the place where Zetly will certainly develop its product — the All in One

Our vision is to create a digital ecosystem of synergies.
Our vision is to create a digital ecosystem of synergies.
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Copyright © 2021, Zetly OU - All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners.