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GM, Zetly Army! Last week, our CMO Krystian Dryniak attended the Sports Business Summit Conference in Dusseldorf, Germany. It’s one of Europe’s most prominent events with over 4000 participants. Are you curious about the newest digital-related trends in the sports industry? What are the latest innovations? And how will they impact Zetly itself? Keep reading!

What was going on at the event?

The Sports Business Summit was one of the biggest events in the industry. At the beginning, the Executive Director at D.LIVE Christian Poschmann talked about the sports & metaverse relationship — how these solutions will drive fan engagement, how they will change the sports world, and how the clubs will use the metaverse to provide a powerful fan experience. What’s interesting is that the German sports industry wants to be a pioneer when it comes to digital solutions. Another director from D. LIVE Martin Ammermann, revealed that they have the first blockchain-related mechanisms at the Merkur Arena stadium in Dusseldorf. For us, it’s a sign that the sports sector has a deep understanding of blockchain technology (and they want to implement it).

Moreover, many panelists & lecturers talked about the benefits of digital technologies and the impact blockchain technology will have on the sports industry. For example, it enables new methods of sponsoring players, advertisements or collectibles. Karla Borger, President of the German Athletes Union pointed out the current weaknesses and problems in the sports industry. What’s interesting is that blockchain technology might solve at least a couple of them. The information received from experienced sports-industry participants has reinforced our belief that we are going in the right direction. We also liked the Anna Chanduvi, Lead Sports Media Partnerships EMEA at Meta presentation, who talked about the new possibilities that metaverse solutions give to clubs in building fan engagement and a new era for the sports world. Our attention was also drawn to the Fiona Morgan, Global Director of Purpose & Impact presentation from SailGP, who presented the Impact League project related to the responsibility of sports clubs in terms of sustainable development, carbon footprint, where in addition to the main sports leaderboard, there is second leaderboard of teams social responsible impact.

Furthermore, we especially liked the speeches of Mike Armstrong, CMO at Juventus Football Club, who shared his experiences related to the implementation of Web 3 solutions in the club and talked about the advantages of the implemented solutions and their great success among fans.

Our CMO highly recommends such conferences as a place for networking (48 talks), exchange of knowledge and experiences, and looking for inspiration.

Bottom Line

Thanks for your time! Two days of inspiring talks & discussions gave us international connections and new experiences. We will use them to bring the Zetly project to another level.

Truly looking forward to the next edition!

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Our vision is to create a digital ecosystem of synergies.
Our vision is to create a digital ecosystem of synergies.
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