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Discover Zetly – the ultimate platform for fans, sports clubs, federations, athletes and sponsors. This unique ecosystem brings together club tokens, NFTs, sports memorabilia, play-to-earn games and digital sports wallets in one place, allowing clubs to offer unique sets of digital collectibles and athletes to create crowdfunding campaigns. We are redefining revenue opportunities and introducing new ways for partners and sponsors to interact with fans.

Zetly Fueling Sports

Zetly, an innovative company specializing in tokenization and fan engagement, has captured the enormous potential of NFT in the industry. Through the implementation of NFT gating, fans can acquire exclusive digital collectibles and experiences, creating a sense of ownership and connectivity that was previously unimaginable. As a result, sports organizations can. not only generate new revenue streams, but also reward loyal and engaged fans while building stronger ties with their audience.

Zetly Sport – the heart of modern sports engagement

The Zetly Sport module is a key component of the Zetly platform that effectively addresses two fundamental challenges of modern sport: insufficient revenues for clubs and the lack of deep fan involvement in the sporting life. This innovative solution opens the door to new financial opportunities and interactive fan engagement for sports clubs.

Club Tokenization

One of the most important aspects of Zetly Sport is the ability to issue its own club currency in the form of utility tokens. This cutting-edge tool allows clubs to generate additional revenue that can be spread over time, ensuring financial stability and growth for many years to come. These tokens serve not only as a means of payment within the club’s ecosystem, but also as a reward for the most engaged fans.

Engagement and Interaction with Supporters

Zetly Sport provides clubs with tools to engage fans at various levels of interaction. Token holders can decide on certain aspects of a club’s operations, such as the choice of jersey designs for the new season, the locations of away matches, and even the music repertoire before the game. This increases fans’ sense of belonging and influence over their clubs, which is key to building a strong and engaged community.

Education and Entertainment

The Zetly Sport module addresses the educational and entertainment needs of fans. With features such as Away Games, fans can virtually attend their team’s away games, gaining knowledge about the cities and histories of the clubs they visit. This makes every away game a learning and fun opportunity, whether the fan is present at the stadium or participating remotely.

Monetization Through Innovation

In addition to generating revenue from tokens, Zetly Sport also offers income opportunities through the sale of collectible club products and digital items. Clubs can issue limited editions of memorabilia that are only available to token holders, increasing the exclusivity and value of the products offered.

Loyalty and Awards

The module includes a rewards and loyalty system that allows clubs to recognize their most loyal fans through special offers and digital collectible assets. The most committed fans can receive unique rewards that are not available to the wider public, further deepening their connection to the club.

Zetly NFT Creator

The Zetly NFT Creator module was designed with sports clubs in mind, allowing them to create and issue their own NFT tokens. This intuitive and easy-to-use module allows them to quickly bring digital assets to market, opening up new opportunities for fan engagement and revenue generation. Clubs can use NFT to digitize and monetize unique sports moments, such as records of record goals or historic matches. By controlling the supply and characteristics of the collection, clubs can create value in the secondary market, resulting in increased fan interest and loyalty. Zetly NFT Creator also enables copyright protection and ensures the authenticity of each token issued.

Play to Earn

The Play to Earn module on the Zetly platform transforms fans’ active participation into playable experiences that reward them with digital assets. NFT games integrated with real-world sporting events allow fans to earn points that can be redeemed for exclusive rewards, access to unique content or virtual meetings with players. Fans can collect and trade these resources inside the Zetly ecosystem, further increasing engagement. This innovative approach not only strengthens fans’ bond with their favorite clubs, but also opens up new monetization channels for sports organizations.

Zetly Crowd

Zetly Crowd is an innovative crowdfunding module aimed at athletes, artists and small sports clubs, which allows them to finance their projects and development through a community of fans. With this module, users can invest in their favorite teams or players by purchasing tokens, which can later bring both financial and intangible benefits. The module also allows the creation of campaigns on a donation basis, where fans can support their favorite teams directly, without waiting for a return. Zetly Crowd is a response to the growing need for external funding in sports, especially among younger and lesser-known talents.

Zetly Digital Collectibles

The Digital Collectibles module on the Zetly platform allows fans to buy, store and sell digital sports cards and other collectibles. Using blockchain technology, each collection is protected from counterfeiting, ensuring its uniqueness and authenticity. Fans can collect digital cards and items from different sports in one place – the Zetly digital wallet. The platform not only provides the ability to trade and exchange between fans from all over the world, but also offers the option to sell and authenticate sports memorabilia through NFT, which opens up new perspectives for collectors and sports fans. The Collectibles module bridges the gap between traditional collecting and modern technology, allowing investment in digital and physical collectibles.


All in all, Zetly offers a rich ecosystem of solutions that integrate modern technology into the daily lives of athletes and fans. Michal Glijer and Rafal Gelner, founders of the platform, believe that their model will be warmly received among clubs and federations thanks to its revenue-generating capabilities, as well as better engagement and greater interaction with fans. With Zetly, sports organizations can not only earn more, but also offer fans new and exciting ways to participate in sports.

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Our vision is to create a digital ecosystem of synergies.
Our vision is to create a digital ecosystem of synergies.
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Copyright © 2021, Zetly OU - All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners.