The World Football Summit

The World Football Summit is the biggest event in the football industry. It came to Africa for the first time. Our company was represented at this conference by COE Zetly Michał Glijer. The event was opened by Ms. Nomusa Dube-Ncube, Prime Minister of KwaZulu-Natal. In an extremely heartfelt speech, she said that the provincial government will use WFS to open eyes and minds to think not only about the unmatched passion for football, but as a catalyst for tourism and socio-economic development of this region. Our CEO was invited to a panel devoted to the use of digital technologies in sport, and more specifically the use of WEB3 solutions. The panel was also attended by Jason Anderson, CEO at Inqak and Tim Mangnall CEO and Founder of Capital Block. It was one of the most exciting conversations during WFS. It addressed issues such as the use of NFT in football, the implementation of club tokens or metaverse perspectives for sports clubs.

“I have been following the World Football Summit for a long time when, together with our team, we started activities aimed at acquiring Sports Partners for our platform. First, we visited the WFS in Sevilla, where we had many interesting conversations. The organization of that meeting exceeded our expectations. This convinced me that it is worth following the flow and appearing at the next edition, this time in Africa. Why? Because Africa, as the largest continent in the world, has great potential when it comes to sports and web3 and is practically a virgin market. This is a great opportunity for Zetly because we can share here not only our knowledge in this area, but also our approach to building an ecosystem around new digital technologies. I was very pleased that the people managing the organization of this event invited me to be one of the panelists of this event. For me personally, it was a great distinction and at the same time an opportunity to establish very valuable contacts in the world of football. I went to this event with a very positive attitude and I was not disappointed” — said Michał Glijer, CEO of Zetly.

There is no doubt that African football has great potential. This is shown by the number of players playing in European clubs. This is also shown by the results of African teams, such as Morocco, at the current World Cup in Qatar. African fans are very involved in the life of their clubs. Many of these clubs have several million followers. These facts confirm our belief that this is the place where Zetly will certainly develop its product — the All in One

The World Summit in Lisbon

The World Summit in Lisbon was a really interesting trip for Zetly.

One of the largest technology fairs in the world. Thousands of exhibiting companies, including about 2,300 startups. Hundreds of presentations, lectures, Q&A sessions, master classes and roundtables. Over 74,000 participants! Tech giants like Siemens, Google, Accenture, Amazon Web Services, Intel and Binance. And all this in 5 large pavilions and a huge congress center. It took more than half an hour to walk from the first pavilion to the last one. This event was really impressive!

From our perspective, the most important thing was to meet companies from the digital asset industry. And of course, companies that offer new technological solutions in the field of sport. We had dozens of conversations, and our stand on 4th November was visited by several hundred people. We have established several important contacts, including with companies from Argentina, Portugal and Austria.

And what’s up in the world of new technologies? Undoubtedly, we can see the dominance of solutions using artificial intelligence AI. Most of these solutions are based on smartphone applications. Certainly, it should be admitted that new technologies with the help of these applications will better diagnose our health and physical condition. This will be done not only by scanning specific parts of the body, but also by using additional devices connected to smartphones and tablets (diagnosis of oncology, dermatology, cardiology or even diagnosis of potential aneurysms in the head). Nevertheless, it is interesting to note that while in earlier years the so-called Pitch Contest — the most prestigious competition for startups at the Web Summit, was won by companies from the medical industry, this year the competition was won by Theneo. This Georgian startup has created a platform that allows users to import a collection of APIs (application programming interfaces) into various programming languages and then integrate them. All this to create even more functional applications for smartphones.

It is also worth noting that many speeches or discussion panels were devoted to digital assets. Q&A with Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, lecture “Navigating the Web2-to-Web3 transition” by Danny O’Brien from the Filecoin Foundation, panel “Digital collectibles and the future of fan engagement” with Diego Forfan from La Liga, Jorge Urruti del Pozo, VP La Liga and Andy Mitten from FourFourTwo or finally the lecture “How to fight NFT speculation” conducted by Fred Antunes from Real Fevr — these are just a few examples of many events devoted to crypto issues. It is also an example that new digital technologies based on blockchain are increasingly important in the modern world.

There were also Polish accents at the Web Summit. The Invest in Pomerania stand promoting the Trojmiasto or the stand of the City of Łódź really made a great impression. We also heard Polish very often among the participants of the Web Summit.

Another effective trip on Zetly Tour!

Zetly’s World Cup Challenge! (rules)

GM Zetly Army! Due to the beginning of the Football World Cup in Qatar, we offer you to participate in our competition: Zetly’s World Cup Challenge. To participate, please follow our profile on Twitter join our group on Telegram and retweet the contest post on Twitter. It will consist of 5 main stages, in which you will bet on both the best teams in each group and the winners of matches in the knockout phase. You will receive points for correct guesses. We will organize two additional competitions, where you can earn extra points. In total, there will be as many as 5,000 points to be won, which we will exchange for ZET Tokens. To make our competition more attractive, we will multiply the points earned by 11 winners by 32! Why 32? The answer is simple. 32 teams compete in the World Championship. We appreciate each of them!

Below we describe the rules of participation in Zetly’s World Cup Challenge.

Stage 1

At this stage, you need to predict the order in each group of championships. In order for the task not to be too difficult or too easy, you will be able to vote until the end of the first round of group games, i.e. until November 25, 2022, 12:00 UTC. For correctly indicating 1st and 2nd place in each group, you receive 100 points. For correctly identifying the first two teams (in reverse order), you receive 50 points. You will receive 20 points for correctly indicating only 1st place and for correctly indicating only 2nd place you will receive 10 points. You can get a maximum of 800 points at this stage!

Stage 2

Stage 2 is the 1/8 finals. It will start right after the end of the group stage and ends on December 3 at 12:00 CET/12:00 UTC. Your task will be to select the 8 winners of the matches of this stage. For indicating the winner in each match, the participant gets 50 points. Therefore, in total you can earn 400 points in this phase!

Stage 3

Stage 3 is the quarterfinals. It will start right after the end of the 1/8 final phase and ends on December 9 at 12:00 CET/12:00 UTC. Your task will be to choose the 4 winners of the matches of this stage. For indicating the winner in each match, the participant gets 100 points. Therefore, in total you can earn 400 points in this phase!

Stage 4

Stage 4 is the semi-finals. It will start right after the end of the 1/4 finals phase and ends on December 13 at 12:00 UTC. Your task will be to choose two winners of the matches of this stage. For indicating the winner in each match, the participant gets 200 points. Therefore, in total you can earn 400 points in this phase!

Stage 5

Stage 5 is the fight for the cup and medals. It will start right after the end of the semi-final phase and ends on December 17 at 12:00 UTC. Your task will be to choose the winner of the final and the winner of the match for 3rd place. For indicating the winner of the 3rd place match, the participant will receive 200 points. For indicating the winner of the match for the first place, the participant will receive 300 points. In total, you can earn 500 points in this phase.

Ultimate Champion & PowerShots!

Between the individual stages, we offer you two additional Ultimate Champion & PowerShots! Competitions, in which you will be able to earn up to 2,500 additional points. Are you curious about what? Follow our social media 😊.

Additional information.

Challenge results will be announced up to 7 days after its completion.

From all participants, Zetly will select the final 11 with the best results and will award them with ZET Tokens.

The maximum number of points to be earned is 5,000.

The result of each person from the final 11 will be multiplied by 32 and that’s how many Zet Tokens we will give to the 11 people with the best results.

The maximum number of tokens that one person can get is 160,000.

The tokens will be transferred after TGE (Token Generation Event).

If the number of people with the best results exceeds 11, Zetly reserves the right to organize an additional competition or draw, thanks to which the list of 11 winners will be selected and finally closed.

Remember to always enter the same data in the forms.

Ready to play? Let’s go!


Zetly on tour. WFS Sevilla — another great event is behind us.

World Football Summit 2022 in Sevilla is one of the largest conferences devoted to sports issues, in particular football in the context of broadly understood business. It is attended by highly influential professionals whose passion is not only sport but also — and perhaps above all — promoting knowledge in the field of innovation in sport. This year’s edition gathered over 3,500 participants from over 110 countries, 150 speakers and over 200 representatives of sports clubs from around the world. In the context of the WFS program, our attention was particularly drawn to two discussion panels. The first one was devoted to the opportunities and threats that result from the implementation of blockchain and NFT in sport. It was attended by Reyes BellverCristina CarracosaRohn MalhotraJoern Schlimm and Nicolas Marrulo. It was a very exciting discussion, which confirmed our vision that blockchain will influence solutions in the world of sport. Equally interesting was the panel on how to engage fans of the new generation with Kike Levy, Marco Rocha, Julio Jimenez Hera and Roberto Jimenez. In addition, another great example of how new technologies will change the world of sport. Annual awards for activities for the development of football were also presented during the WFS. The best football manager was Garth Lagerwey. The best football turned out the Skill Corner. In turn, the best initiative in the world of women’s football is DAZN. The best stadium turned out to be the TQL Stadium from Ohio. In addition, 777 Partners, Eintracht Frankfurt, SportBoost, Para Football, Common Goal and Slum Soccer were awarded in various other categories.

Something for us. Networking. Each participant could download a special application and use it to make new contacts and arrange joint meetings. Therefore, it will not be a big secret that from our perspective it was a very fruitful time. Although the conference lasted only two days, we managed to hold over 40 meetings with representatives of clubs, leagues and football federations. It was another great time for Zetly!

The next installments of the WFS will be in November in Durban and next year in Istanbul. We will definitely be there!

We are pleased to announce that Launchpad Polygen will conduct an IDO for Zetly.

Polygen is a very transparent and reliable launchpad. It has a unique allocation structure based on the so-called Liquidity Providers. The allocation on Polygen takes place in three steps. The first is building trust for the project. At this stage, the details of participation in the IDO process are determined. In the second step, the project’s liquidity is increased, e.g. based on the Liquidity Providers who are rewarded with an additional pool of tokens for their additional contributions. At the third stage of the project, investors block their PGEN tokens (Launchpad Polygen token) and receive project tokens based on their shares.

Polygen is a very transparent and flexible laucnchpad, 100% decentralized which conducts IDOs of the best projects. We are glad that we can cooperate with Polygon, one of the most innovative launchpads in the world of digital technologies” — said Michał Glijer, CEO and co-founder of Zetly.

We are glad that Zetly will join the group of our clients. We treat this project as very credible, and at the same time one of the most interesting, therefore we will offer Zetly additional marketing support in the IDO process on our platform” — the representatives of the Polygen launchpad assured.

Polygen is connected to a global network of startups and Venture Capitals, thanks to which the best projects become part of the platform. In order to increase security in the fundraising process, Polygen uses a variety of tools, such as Anti-Whale, Anti-bot and Anti-Scalper. They allow the prevention of undesirable actions and irregularities during the IDO, thus creating the best conditions for the entire Polygen community, as well as increasing the credibility of the IDO process.

It is worth adding that Polygen puts a lot of emphasis on pro-environmental activities in the field of energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Single transaction footprint is only 0.0062 kWh (for example on the Etherum network is 106.84 kWh) and the CO2 emission is only 0.0042 kg, while on the Etherum network it is 50.75 kg.

Sports Business Summit Conference (Report)

GM, Zetly Army! Last week, our CMO Krystian Dryniak attended the Sports Business Summit Conference in Dusseldorf, Germany. It’s one of Europe’s most prominent events with over 4000 participants. Are you curious about the newest digital-related trends in the sports industry? What are the latest innovations? And how will they impact Zetly itself? Keep reading!

What was going on at the event?

The Sports Business Summit was one of the biggest events in the industry. At the beginning, the Executive Director at D.LIVE Christian Poschmann talked about the sports & metaverse relationship — how these solutions will drive fan engagement, how they will change the sports world, and how the clubs will use the metaverse to provide a powerful fan experience. What’s interesting is that the German sports industry wants to be a pioneer when it comes to digital solutions. Another director from D. LIVE Martin Ammermann, revealed that they have the first blockchain-related mechanisms at the Merkur Arena stadium in Dusseldorf. For us, it’s a sign that the sports sector has a deep understanding of blockchain technology (and they want to implement it).

Moreover, many panelists & lecturers talked about the benefits of digital technologies and the impact blockchain technology will have on the sports industry. For example, it enables new methods of sponsoring players, advertisements or collectibles. Karla Borger, President of the German Athletes Union pointed out the current weaknesses and problems in the sports industry. What’s interesting is that blockchain technology might solve at least a couple of them. The information received from experienced sports-industry participants has reinforced our belief that we are going in the right direction. We also liked the Anna Chanduvi, Lead Sports Media Partnerships EMEA at Meta presentation, who talked about the new possibilities that metaverse solutions give to clubs in building fan engagement and a new era for the sports world. Our attention was also drawn to the Fiona Morgan, Global Director of Purpose & Impact presentation from SailGP, who presented the Impact League project related to the responsibility of sports clubs in terms of sustainable development, carbon footprint, where in addition to the main sports leaderboard, there is second leaderboard of teams social responsible impact.

Furthermore, we especially liked the speeches of Mike Armstrong, CMO at Juventus Football Club, who shared his experiences related to the implementation of Web 3 solutions in the club and talked about the advantages of the implemented solutions and their great success among fans.

Our CMO highly recommends such conferences as a place for networking (48 talks), exchange of knowledge and experiences, and looking for inspiration.

Bottom Line

Thanks for your time! Two days of inspiring talks & discussions gave us international connections and new experiences. We will use them to bring the Zetly project to another level.

Truly looking forward to the next edition!

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Partnership with MoonStarte

We are proud to announce our partnership with MoonStarter Launchapad.

We plan to carry out our IDO on the MoonStarter launchpad at the end of October or at the beginning of November this year.

MoonStarter is a comprehensive, multi-chain launchpad. This means that the projects selected by MoonStarter can carry out IDO regardless of their blockchain. The blockchains supported by MoonStarter include Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avanlanche, Fantom, Cardano, Solana, Polkadot and Moonbeam para chain.

“We look forward to seeing Zetly on our Launchpad. This is a very innovative project and our Launchpad likes it. We hope our community will adopt Zetly and the project will raise sufficient funding” — said representative of MoonStarter.

“MoonStarter is another launchpad that will conduct Zetly’s IDO. We are proud to be able to cooperate with professionals who, in addition to carrying out an IDO, will support us from the marketing and technical side”- added Michał Glijer, co-founder and CEO of Zetly.

For all its community MoonStarter has prepared The MoonStarter Community Protection ShieldIt consists of a deep analysis of the project before IDO (tokenomics, auditing, marketing plans) as well as activities during and after IDO (price protection and refund policy).

MoonStarter has also a very interesting solution for the allocation of tokens during IDO. This allocation consists of four levels based on the Jupiter Lunar system theme. These levels are Calisto, Elara, Hamilaya, and Kalyke. The MoonStarter native token used to purchase other tokens during IDO is $MNST. We will present the details of the IDO process on Moostarter soon.

Zetly OÜ is a Polish-Estonian limited liability company that uses blockchain technology to create a personalized, multi-level, sports application platform. Zetly creates a unique ecosystem and marketplace for offering club tokens, NFT, sports memorabilia, and a decentralized digital wallet all in one place. Thanks to this platform, clubs can issue their tokens, all users — create their own NFT, athletes — organize crowdfunding campaigns, and federations and clubs — emit unique sets of digital collections.

Cryptoverse Expo Summit! Warsaw, Poland

GM, ZetlyArmy!!! Last week we were at the Cryptoverse Expo event, and today we would like to bring you the details. We learned a lot of exciting things, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the development of the Zetly project. Are you curious about what happened at the event? Who were the speakers? And in what direction is the blockchain industry heading? Keep reding!

The growing level of the industry

Last week’s event was the second edition of Cryotoverse. The first one was held under completely different market conditions — back then, Bitcoin cost more than $40,000, and Ethereum — $3,000. In addition, there were many more people at the event itself. In contrast, at the current edition, the level of speakers was much higher. We noticed that many companies advising web2 clients on implementing blockchain solutions appeared. What does this mean? The interest in the blockchain industry itself and NFT technology is vast. The emergence of consulting and development companies shows that the blockchain industry still has a high entry threshold and is very technical. Yet, companies still want to implement blockchain solutions in their organizations.

Additionally, the largest exhibitors at the last conference were web2 companies that use decentralized solutions as part of their business. What does this mean? It’s not so much about building a solution strictly 100% related to cryptocurrencies because such a move severely limits the group of potential customers. 99% of people in cryptocurrencies can’t handle MetaMask properly. And what about the folks from traditional space? Companies have recognized that blockchain brings a lot of opportunities, but custody solutions are needed to bring new people into the blockchain space. The direction Zetly and other companies strive to get to the stage where users don’t think about what they’re using. They just do it. Today, few of us know how Google works, and we use it without thinking about what’s on the backend. Almost no one knows that VISA, a $410 billion company, uses USDC on the Ethereum network for internal billing. This is the adoption ceiling we are aiming for.

In addition, speakers began to point out something we’ve been talking about for a long time — the business model and structure behind each project. It seems that people have finally begun to understand cryptocurrencies as a niche for startups. Startups must have a business model and strive for profitability. This type of shift in investor thinking is very positive, as it encourages venture capital funds to invest in blockchain projects, which will ultimately broaden the adoption of the technology itself.


Thank you for your time! We look forward to the next edition of the Cryptoverse. We hope to meet some of you in person! In addition, remember that later in Q4 Zetly will participate in leading conferences for the sports and cryptocurrency industries. So expect more reports from these events!

PS. Follow Zetly on Twitter to stay up to date.

CoreStarter first launchpad at IDO Zetly

We are pleased to announce our partnership with CoreStarter Launchpad, which will conduct the IDO of our project. CoreStarter is a cross-chain fundraising platform operating on Solana’s blockchain. Its offer is addressed mainly to small investors, giving them the opportunity to participate equally in financing projects from the world of crypto.

We are happy to welcome a second company on board that will operate in a market combining blockchain technology with sport. We believe that Zetly is one of the most orderly projects on the market today. CoreStarter and its users are excited to be part of this endeavor”- said Jay Wilson, CoreStarter COO.

Michał Glijer, CEO of Zetly adds, CoreStarter is a platform operating both on the European market, mainly in Spanish-speaking countries, in Turkey and a strong player on the Asian market. Working with CoreStarter is an opportunity to attract completely new enthusiasts of digital technologies to our project”.

IDO on the CoreStarter platform is planned for the end of October this year. Zetly has chosen the IDO Standard Package, under which CoreStarter will obtain financing for Zetly through three rounds. The first round is aimed at registered CoreStarter members and will last 24 hours. The second round will last less than 12 hours and will be available to everyone who has reserved $ CSTR tokens (native CoreStarter token) at $ 500 and more for a minimum of 5 days. A third, additional round will be announced in the case of a free allocation from the previous two rounds remaining, and will be open to all who have passed the verification based on the KYC procedures. This round will last 12 hours.

It is worth adding that CoreStarter is the first Launchpad that rewards smaller investors with a higher real interest rate and has a unique algorithm that allows investors with fewer $ CSTR tokens to access the highest level of allocation. It is one of the cheapest Launchpads on the market, both for investors and for crypto projects. CoreStater’s mission can be summarized in the phrase: “We are building something that thousands of users will love, not something that a million people will like.”

Report from the Polish Suzuki Cup

GM! Last week, Zetly appeared in Opole for the Suzuki Super Cup basketball match. Two clubs joined the competition: WKS Śląsk Wrocław and BM Stal from Ostrów Wielkopolski. Together with the fans, we kept our fingers crossed for both teams. However, it wasn’t just supporting the players! Are you curious about what was happening outside the game on the pitch? We invite you to read!

Fan’s Village

Zetly’s mission is to reach out to fans and introduce them to new development opportunities. On Wednesday evening, the emotions were high, and most of the participants showed up an hour before the start. The Zetly team set up their photo booth, thanks to which we captured the best moments before the game. Whole families were lining up to take a souvenir photo. There were also gadgets distributed at the entrance. The Zetly wall also attracted a lot of attention from the crowd, thanks to which each participant of the event could feel like a real sports star. In addition, an interview with Łukasz Kolenda (WKS Śląsk Wrocław) (interview: ), who that evening played as the quarterback of Śląsk Wrocław, was shown on the big screen.

Fan model 24/7

In addition to gifts, we talked with fans about how, thanks to the All-in-One platform, they can be present at every important moment in the club’s life, alongside their team. We made fans aware that every sports fan will be able to actively participate in the activities of the club they support — not only through the presence in the stands, but also through our platform. In this context, an extremely interesting idea, according to fans, will be P2E solutions, i.e. virtual games in which they will be able to win prizes from their club. We reminded basketball fans that in recent years, games like “Pokemon Go” have become very popular, helping to engage people of all ages. By introducing fans to the world of new technologies, we gained trust even among those who were not convinced that blockchain could bring new solutions to sport.

Awesome 3 Point Throws!

The match itself was an amazing spectacle. In the first two quarters, both clubs competed almost point for point. However, at the end of the third, the team from Ostrów Wielkopolski took the lead. The star of the evening was Damian Kulig — the winner of 24 points for BM Stal. The numerous hits for 3 points ultimately made BM Stal the winner of this match.

The atmosphere of the event was really great, and watching the competition live is a real pleasure. We can’t wait for the next games!